Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core for Great Sound on the Go


The divide between pro studio and portable studio just got narrower, with the Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core, a compact USB Type-C audio interface that offers pro-grade conversion, transparent preamps, and rock-solid Antelope clocking in a desktop form factor. Now artists recording at home, musicians recording on the road, and all kinds of content creators have a leg up in crafting a truly formidable, mix-ready sound.

This 4x8 interface has two preamps on hand for mic, line, and Hi-Z instruments. Each pre can offer phantom power for your favorite condenser microphone. Monitor privately with two headphone outputs or pump up the volume to your studio speakers by means of mirrored balanced/unbalanced monitor outputs. All of it is easy to control by means of a handy, prominent knob, a few buttons, and easy-to-read metering on the top of the interface.

Add S/PDIF I/O ports to the bargain, and you have a powerful hub for your studio—one that’s expandable as well: Feed external converters, set up multiple cue mixes, and do it all with the clocking for which Antelope is known.

In addition to its pristine-sounding hardware, the Zen Go Synergy Core comes stocked with 37 analog-modeled effects, all powered by Antelope’s DSP and FGPA tech to give you the utmost in analog tone and ultra-low latency, all without taxing your computer’s CPU.

A word on these FX: All the analog stalwarts you’ve come to expect in digital form are here, such as ’76-style compressor, British pres, and the like. However, Antelope has also emulated gear that can’t be found in the box quite yet. Offerings from companies such as BAE, Gyraf, and Gates are on hand. These effects can add even more nuance to your mixes if used wisely.

If this looks interesting to you, please check out the Zen Go Synergy Core today and share your thoughts in the Comments section, below.