The Great Beyond: How Photographers Stay Inspired


Sure, you have to master your camera’s technology, all those menus and buttons, but then what? Photography is about so much more than shutter speeds and sensor sizes. It’s about gesture and light, about your eye and your thought process, your ideas and your insight. But how do you hone that eye? How do you stay inspired to keep making pictures? Where does the urge to keep creating self-assignments come from? How do you utilize the great technology available to us to fully express yourself and keep it fresh?

Come hear the always enlightening and ever curious Mel DiGiacomo as he touches on these questions (and more), and helps you to see your own work, and the work of others, in new ways. In a career spanning four decades he has never lost his love of photography nor his need to chase great pictures. Where does this wellspring come from? We never know for sure what Mel will say, but we do know that you will leave inspired.

Mel DiGiacomo Photography: