Post Production Workflow with Ryan Brenizer: Wedding Photography Tips


New York City-based wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer starts this very informative tutorial with a piece of information familiar to any photographer—most of your time working on a job will be spent in front of a computer. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a system to streamline your workflow while guaranteeing the safety of your images. Using Carbon Copy Cloner to back up images, Brenizer then edits with Photo Mechanic and begins to process images in Lightroom, where he provides detailed and nuanced explanations of the tools available to quickly and effectively get the most from your large group of photos. He then moves to Photoshop for specific detailed fixes that would take longer in Lightroom. Tips regarding the light qualities of specific cameras, measuring white balance on black items, batch processing, and “editing in” go a long way to speed your process and improve your images and overall presentation.