Dixie Dixon's First Impressions of the Nikon D850


About a year ago top fashion and lifestyle photographer Dixie Dixon created a personal wishlist for what the specs of her dream camera would be, and once she got to use the amazing, new Nikon D850 DSLR she realized it has every single capability she had wished for. She has never been more excited about a new camera!

The 45.7 megapixels which allow a wide flexibility in cropping, combined with the auto focusing system, the blazing fast 7FPS, the touch screen, the gorgeous skin tones, and the overall image quality that can only be described as spectacular all allow this photographer to express her vision. Dixie says, "The D850 is the best of both worlds: Image quality and the look of medium format when I want it."

In this video, Dixie will give you not only her first impressions, but also show some of the images full of beauty, personality and soul that she has already been able to create with this powerful new tool.

Dixie Dixon's Video and Photo Work