M2 Max Chip: Video Encoding & Editing Test


How does Apple’s new M2 Max chip perform during video editing and encoding, and how does it compare to its predecessor? Doug Guerra tests the M2 Max’s rendering times in programs like Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve against the M1 Max.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:39 - What's New?
  • 2:15 - Adobe Premiere Pro
  • 4:55 - Davinci Resolve
  • 7:08 - HandBreak
  • 8:26 – Key Takeaways
  • 11:33 - Final Thoughts

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As a DaVinci Studio user I found this review very informative and interesting.  Could you please share which version of DaVinci you were using?  Did you happen to contact BMD to ask why there wasn't much difference in the performance between the M1 & M2?  Is the software supposed to scale to the available cores?  It would be very interesting to archive that benchmark project and run it on a similarly priced Intel architecture machine.  Thank you.

Hi David, thanks for your comment. We used DaVinci Resolve 18.1.2. However, we didn't contact DaVinci, so we cannot speak to how the software should scale across cores. Hope this helps and we're glad you enjoyed the video!