Backup Solutions Using DAS


Are you tired of losing your data? In this video, Matt Zefi presents a simple and seamless solution for backing up your data using a variety of DAS.

What are your own tips for backing up your data? Do you agree with Zefi's techniques?

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:37 - Backing-Up Basics
  • 1:13 - Image Backup of Your Computer
  • 1:47 - Smaller Setups
  • 2:19 - Medium- and Large-Sized Setups
  • 4:53 - Software and Hardware RAID
  • 6:35 - File Sync
  • 7:02 - Mobile Drive
  • 7:31 - Hard Drive Health
  • 7:45 - Cloud Solutions



Have a Drobo 5D3 hooked up to Mac Studio that died via TB4. Suggestions for replacement? Can use some of the various 5 drives as they are newer but not all same capacity ( 10TB )

There aren't any other DAS that I am aware of that has the same feature as a Drobo where you can use different capacity drives.  You may have to consider another Drobo or if you are open to NAS (network attached storage), Synology enclosures offers Synology Hybrid Raid which is similar to Drobo where you can use different capacity drives.