Podcast: Creative Tips for Your New Year


Not one of us is perfect, and thank goodness for that. As my favorite saying goes, perfection is the opposite of good, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to be better. Whether you are a newbie or a more experienced photographer, there is a constant need to improve your skills, and to open your mind to new approaches.  With the spirit of the New Year still warming our souls, we brought in Jason Fulford, co-editor of The Photographer’s Playbook, and Todd Vorenkamp, author of 13 Creative Exercises for Photographers, to discuss methods that will feed your creativity and improve your photography. From simple games to daily exercises to deep thoughts, all wrapped in a pleasant conversation, let’s just call this episode the “Coffee Klatch on Creativity.”

Guests: Jason Fulford and Todd Vorenkamp

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Photographs by Jason Fulford  (www.jasonfulford.com)



Photographs by Todd Vorenkamp  (www.trvphoto.com)


Host: Allan Weitz
Producer: John Harris
Engineer: Jason Tables
Executive Producers: Bryan Formhals, Mark Zuppe


Tips were amazing, I talk to my photgraphy teacher and shade the ideas and he was happy with the ideas you guys gave, nice job guys

Thank you for the feedback Jose!

Great podcast!

Prior to the start of the year 2012, I decided that I would shoot the year exclusively using B&W film. I bought a 3-pack of Kodak BW400CN for the pre-dawn landing of Atlantis (that roll pushed to 1600). In using the remainder of the rolls, I rediscovered the classic look of B&W. That's when I decided to shoot 2012 in B&W. It was a chance to use the B&W contrast filters, yellow, orange, and red. It took about 3 months before I started visualizing in B&W. I'd have to say that 2012 was a creative year for me.

Ralph...thanks for the input, that is absolutely a great way to keep the juices flowing.  Thanks for listening.