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Graham Nash is a true visionary. Whether in the lyrics he writes, the music he plays, the songs he sings, or the photographs he captures, he sees things a little differently and—most importantly—he sees beauty everywhere. As he describes it during our podcast, "It's just energy. I see my life facing a column of energy every day. Where do I want to plug in today?"

Above photograph © Joel Bernstein

Listen in as Nash regales us with how multidisciplinary interests help him avoid writer's block, his fascination for early Daguerreotypes, his historic role as a digital printing pioneer, his deep respect for Epson products, and much more. Stay to the end for Nash's honest assessment of his singing voice, and to learn his secret to staying passionate and making the most out of a creative life.

Guest: Graham Nash

Photos by Graham Nash, excerpted from A Life in Focus: The Photography of Graham Nash, and provided courtesy of Insight Editions

Concert for Bangladesh
Johnny Cash Show, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash – Damaged Negative
Mamma Cass
Bonnie Raitt relaxing backstage at The Sierra Club, Santa Cruz,…
Self Portrait
A Life in Focus Book Cover
Bob Dylan, Nashville, Tennessee, 1969
David Crosby Portrait
Graham and Joni backstage at Queen’s College, New York City, 1969 ©…
Mimi Fariña, Joan Baez’s sister, a truly beautiful and talented woman…
David Crosby Sleeping, Hollywood, California, 1969
Leon Russell and Bob Dylan at the Concert for Bangladesh, Madison…
Neil Young rehearsing for Deja Vu at Stephens House III, Studio City,…
Self-portrait at The Plaza Hotel, New York City, 1974
Graham writing “Camil” at his home, San Francisco, 1972 © Joel Bernstein

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I've been lucky.  I've known of Henry Wilhelm's work since the mid-70s.  In fact, I did a conversion/printing project for the Iowa State Historical Society in 1974 when I was a senior in college and used some of Wilhelm's techniques to make sure the prints that I printed would last a really long time.  When I got into digital photography in 2005, my first dedicated photo printer was an Epson.  I think it was a Stylus 2400, but I don't even remember for sure.  I now have a SureColor P-5000, and my previous printer was a Stylus Pro 4900 which lasted 11+ years. You won't go wrong with an Epson.  They are fantastic printers.

Hi Henry, thanks for your comment. Yes, Wilhelm was and remains the defining expert when it comes to print longevity and best practices to ensure image stability. I didn't know of his work on this subject back in the 70s, but clearly remember all the hubbub when his book The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs came out in the early 1990s. In fact, I just checked the Wilhelm Imaging Research website and see that free copies of this essential tome can now be downloaded for free ... what a gift! Great to hear that your Epson printers have served you well for so many years. Hope you enjoyed the Graham Nash episode, and thanks for reading our blog and listening to the B&H Photography Podcast!