2022 OPTIC Conference Preview and Michael Kenna Encore Interview


The 2022 OPTIC Outdoor, Photo/Video, Travel Imaging Conference or just “OPTIC 2022” is live and in-person again and we are excited to welcome the event’s director, David Brommer, to the program. Brommer will give us a sense of the updated conference, which after two years online is now a fully hybrid in-person and online event. Of course, we at the B&H Photography Podcast look forward to being back at the live events and talking with the many photographers who speak and present their work.

This year’s OPTIC Conference runs from June 12–15, 2022, and includes presentations by Chester Higgins, Camille Seaman, Joe McNally, and many others. There are also opportunities to try the latest gear in specialized environments, expert-led panels, portfolio reviews, a sunset cruise, the OPTIC Challenge Print Competition, and OPTIC Signature Photo Walks sponsored by Lindblad Expeditions. Online participants can check the selection of available webinars.

After our brief chat with Brommer, we present a very important encore episode—important in the sense that it was our first recording at OPTIC, in 2016, and because we interviewed three incredible photographers and really began to understand the potential of our podcast. Our guests were Michael Kenna and, in another segment, Paul Caponigro and his son, John Paul Caponigro. Each of these photographers offers wonderful insights into their creative processes and to speak with father and son artists is always a treat. Join us for this enjoyable conversation and register for OPTIC 2022 here.

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Guest: David Brommer

Host: Allan Weitz

Senior Creative Producer: John Harris

Senior Producer: Jason Tables

Executive Producer: Shawn C Steiner


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