Complete Tutorial on the Wacom Intuos Pro for Photographers


For those looking to gain pinpoint precision with their digital imaging, the Wacom Cintiq and Intous system offer unparalleled control to image makers.

In this two-hour seminar, Wacom pro Dan Johannessen demonstrates how you can increase your efficiency and creativity using the Cintiq’s pressure pen. Johannessen shows you how to set up a Cintiq and use it to apply tonal adjustments, remove unwanted elements, and add stylized effects to images. He also covers the many ways to take advantage of the Cintiq’s functions, such as Express Keys and Touch Rings, to automate multi-keystroke commands and operations. Johannessen then shares insider information on how to maximize the Cintiq for use in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

While the Cintiq is simply the most professional item of its kind, for those who wish to use Wacom technology without the investment of the Cintiq, Johannessen also demonstrates the Intous Pro. This is a pressure-sensitive tablet that is a favorite of retouchers and digital creatives the world over. Learn what’s new in this latest incarnation of the popular tool from Wacom.

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Dan Johannessen has been working with Wacom for more than seven years and is an authority on tablets and Photoshop instruction. He's held workshops and performed thousands of demos at venues such as PhotoshopWorld, NAB, CES, Comic-Con, Macworld, PMA, and many, many more.