Posted 01/13/20
Doug Guerra unboxes the new Macbook Pro 16" and goes over its specs and upgrades from the previous model in this B&H online video. Learn more at B&H Explora
Posted 12/26/19
From phoning friends and playing videos to keeping track of your schedule and planning your next dinner party, the  Lenovo Smart Display 7"  does it all. Doug Guerra gives the rundown on this B&H exclusive item. Powered by Android, it's designed for small spaces, with a touchscreen comparable to Lenovo's Smart Display 8 and the Google Home Hub, and the 5W stereo speakers deliver fantastic audio. Google Assistant can answer most questions you ask it, and this smart display supports thousands of apps and smart devices. Learn more at B&H Explora:
Posted 01/09/19
Reporting from CES 2019, Jake Estes, from the B&H crew, is on a mission to find the coolest tech that the show has to offer. Rest assured that just as in years past, there is plenty to be found. Join Estes as he discovers a hoverbike that is reminiscent of something out of Minority Report, an 88" 8K OLED TV, an 8K Micro Four Thirds video camera, a magical suitcase that follows you like a loyal pet, a massage chair that scans your body, and much more! Keep watching and keep reading B&H Photo’s coverage of CES 2019.
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