Posted 01/09/19
Every year at CES, vendors from around the world bring their latest and most awe-inspiring gadgets. However, while all things are great in their own sense, there is a definite mixture of “That’s weird” in there with the “Wow, I want that!” Watch as Doug Guerra introduces us to the RoboSea, with its fleet of underwater robots, including the RoboShark, which can be used for ecological studies. There’s also the Varram Pet Fitness Robot, just in case your cat needs some exercise, the Hancom Home Robot, and aesthetic facial evaluation. Have you ever wanted to run while using VR? Thanks to CyberShoes, now you can. Tired of cleaning up after your cat? Now, you won’t have to, thanks to the iKuddle Smart Litter Box. Keep watching and check back often for more of B&H Photo’s coverage of CES 2019.  
Posted 06/01/15
Experience the variety of ways you can experience the Acer Aspire Switch 10. Use it as a traditional laptop or detach it from the keyboard to use it as a standalone tablet. Its 10.1" display features a 1200 x 800 native resolution and supports multi-touch gestures found in Windows 8.1. The video will go into more detail about the Acer Aspire Switch 10. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at
Posted 11/09/14
In this video, B&H takes a first look at the HP Sprout Immersive Computer, an all-in-one desktop computer with a touchscreen, touch mat, and 3D scanner.
Posted 06/12/14
B&H is pleased to announce that we now sell a full line of 3D printers, from manufacturers such as Makerbot, Flashforge, and 3D Systems. In this video, we present a primer on 3D printing. For more, visit our website or see our extensive display of 3D
Posted 12/25/13
WD has different series of drives to serve your needs. Let's take a look at the Red series drives which are for use with NAS devices such as a Synology enclosure. The Re and Se lines are for users in more demanding environments.
Posted 10/23/13
What do you do when the internal battery on your MacBook is dying, but you still have hours worth of work to do, and no wall outlet to plug into? You can only do one thing: Use a HyperJuice battery pack.
Posted 10/08/13
With models of various sizes and capacities, the EMC Storcenter series of enclosures and hot-swappable drives offers a range of storage solutions for both individuals and small to medium size business.
Posted 07/18/13
Smartly designed and lightweight, Toshiba's KIRAbooks offer powerful processors and outstanding graphics.
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