Dracast Announces Video Lighting Kits for Creatives and Professionals


The rapid transition from in-person meetings to video conferences has many professionals thinking about the importance of quality lighting for the first time. Luckily, Dracast’s latest video lighting kits are designed to instill a polished quality to your online video presence whether you are a content creator or business executive. Five kits are available: Vlog Basic Lighting Kit, Online Influencer 3-Light Kit, Video Conference 3-Light Starter Kit, Video Conference Essential 3-Light Kit, and Video Conference Deluxe 3-Light Kit.

Dracast Vlog Basic Lighting Kit

The heart of the Vlog Basic Lighting Kit is its 13.5" LED140 Halo Bi-Color Ring Light, which provides distinct catchlights and flattering overall light, making it especially popular for beauty vloggers. It is complemented by a 160-LED Camlux Pro Bi-Color On-Camera Light Kit—perfect for adding additional fill where needed. Both lights are adjustable in power, as well as color temperature (3200-5600K). The kit also includes two Compact Collapsible Light Stands for positioning the lights.

Dracast LED140 Halo Bi-Color Ringlight

The Online Influencer 3-Light Kit is built around an 18" Halo Bi-Color Ring Light Plus with Battery Option. Adding a wider diameter than the ring light in the vlog kit mentioned above means more space to work with while maintaining the distinct qualities of a ring light in your videos. The kit also doubles the number of Camlux Pro Bi-Color lights, lending greater flexibility when lighting your environment. Four rechargeable batteries and three light stands round out the kit.

Moving into the business world, the Video Conference 3-Light Starter Kit consists of two 280-LED Camlux Series Max Bi-Color On-Camera Lights and a Camlux Pro Bi-Color On-Camera Light Kit. All of the lights offer adjustable power and 3200-5600K color temperature for complementing your environment. All of the lights come with rechargeable batteries and collapsible light stands.

Dracast Camlux Series Max Bi-Color On-Camera Light with Battery and Charger

The Video Conference Essential 3-Light Kit upgrades to nearly double the power with two 500-LED Silver Series LED500 Bi-Color LEDs and one Camlux Series Max Bi-Color On-Camera Light. The Camlux light includes a battery and charger for flexibility. Barndoors are included with the LED500s for directing light and managing spill. Three adjustable light stands are included for support.

Dracast LED500 Silver Series Bi-Color LED Light with Dual NP-F Battery Plate

Finally, the Video Conference Deluxe 3-Light Kit is designed for those looking to cultivate exceptionally polished video presences. Two 1,000-LED Silver Series LED1000 Bi-Color LED Lights along with one Silver Series LED500 Bi-Color LED Light can comfortably illuminate a workspace while providing 3200-5600K of adjustable color temperature to match ambient light or skin tone. Barndoors are included for the LED500 to help manage output. Finally, three adjustable light stands are included for easy setup and teardown.

Dracast S-Series LED1000 Bi-Color LED Light with V-Mount Battery Plate

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