Future-Proof Polsen 16-Channel Camera Mountable UHF Wireless System


Polsen is now offering a 16-channel camera-mountable UHF wireless system that is capable of transmitting audio up to 300'. Engineered to be exceptionally quiet, and with many professional features like headphone monitoring, line input, and frequency agility, the system is ideal for electronic field production, DSLR, and many other video applications. The system operates in the “future-proof” UHF 500 MHz bandwidth, meeting all current and known future FCC regulations.

Available in two models, one that comes with a 0.20" omni lavalier microphone, and another with a 0.14" omni mini lavalier mic, the ULW-16 wireless systems provide multiple options for discreet microphone placement. Also, an optional charging station is available that can charge the camera-mount receiver and body-pack transmitter simultaneously. 


I bought a couple of these from you guys a couple of months ago.

Finding they work fine except there is quite a lot of high frequency hiss when I record interviews.

I am recording onto a Zoom H6 and using the shotgun mic as a back-up -- but the shotgun's recording is far cleaner than the lavs.

Any suggestions?


Hi -

Is this "hiss" heard while monitoring the wireless receiver or on the H6 recording?

Try raising the gain level on the microphone and lowering the gain on the recorder.

Try switching channels on the wireless system.

Noise may be reduced by applying the low cut filter.

Check all cabling for shorts or loose connections.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  AskBH@BandH.com

Thanks Mark.

Problem solved -- it was likely because the Zoom H6 was plugged into the power mains.

Once we disconnected it, and used batteries instead, the hiss disappeared.

Schoolboy mistake... mea culpa!

I could be in the market for a couple of these mic units.

What is the range of operation?



Hi Bronson -

The operating frequency range is:  584.400 to 602.450 MHz

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  AskBH@BandH.com