Aputure Announces Flagship LS 600d Daylight LED Light


The newly announced LS 600d becomes Aputure’s latest flagship LED for the Light Storm COB lineup of lights, and one of the brightest point-source LEDs available. Complementing the 600d, Aputure has created the F10 Fresnel for boosting and focusing output and F10 Barndoors for shaping and controlling the 600d’s light.

The daylight-balanced 600d has a CRI and TLCI of 95, produces up to 100,000 lux at 1 meter, and is adjustable from 0 to 100%. It is capable of nearing the brightness of a 1200W HMI while maxing its power draw at 720W, saving energy and making it easier to use when working on location. It features built-in wireless control and is compatible with Aputure’s 2.4 GHz remote, the Sidus Link mobile app, as well as wireless DMX control. Eight built-in lighting effects can be used to simulate fireworks, paparazzi, lightning, faulty bulb, television, pulsing, strobe, and explosions.

The 600d’s dual voltage battery plates make it compatible with 14.4, 26, and 28.8V batteries. Alternatively, it can run on 48 VDC power using its 3-pin XLR, so it is possible to power the light with an external battery power station. You can also charge V and Gold mount batteries when plugged into an AC power source. Finally, the 600d is comfortable almost anywhere because of its IP54 weatherproof design, which provides dust and water resistance.

Aputure F10 Fresnel

Accompanying the 600d, Aputure’s F10 Fresnel is a Bowens-mount, true glass Fresnel lens modifier designed to match conventional 10" Fresnels. It features a dual-lens optical design and uses a condenser lens to refocus light to fill its front element for consistent output. When used with the 600d, it is capable of producing 200,000 lux at 1 meter. It features a 15-45° variable beam angle and is compatible with the third product announced by Aputure, the F10 barndoors. Designed to refine and direct light from the 600d, these large barndoors feature 8-leaf adjustability, a black reflector dish for sharp shadows, and a heavy-duty drop-in latching mechanism for durability.

Aputure F10 Barndoors

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Awaiting the 600D for a "sunlight" alternative to carry on the art of food photography in all lighting conditions - I need a single powerful source and the 600d+Fresnel 200K Lux sounds amazing !! 

Let us know how it works out, Joyti!

'maxing its power draw at 720W'

720W for an LED! Is that a typo?

It is not.