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Want to learn all about digital filmmaking using a video-enabled DSLR camera? Want to create a killer app for iPhones and Android smartphones? Looking to sharpen your Photoshop and web design skills? A cool new website called creativeLIVE.com is the place where all of these classes are happening, and you're invited to join every course for free! Check out this post to find out how you can register for Vincent Laforet's upcoming Introduction to HDDSLR Cinema course...

One of the main reasons we created B&H Insights was to share useful information about creative production processes and techniques. That's why we're so excited about creativeLIVE, and why B&H has chosen to partner with creativeLIVE on their photography courses. Now anyone who's interested in creative media production can tune in and get world-class live training free of charge. The driving idea behind creativeLIVE is the democratization of creative education. By sharing all of their live courses with the world, Chase Jarvis, tech wizard Craig Swanson, and the whole creativeLIVE team wish to raise the bar of the work produced by photographers, filmmakers, designers, and artists on the whole. All of the classes are taught by the leading professionals in their respective fields. Viewers are encouraged to interact via live chat and Twitter.

On Friday April 30th, the first class on the topic of shooting HD video on a DSLR camera will take place with the renowned DP, photographer, and filmmaker Vincent Laforet. B&H is proud to be involved in making this workshop come to life. All you need to do to watch the live feed of the course is to register here. The registration process is about as painless as it gets. You simply submit your name and email address and you're done. You'll get an email reminder to tune in shortly before the class takes place.

If you can't watch the live stream of any class at creativeLIVE, you have the option of purchasing a download of the material. The download is DRM-free, and yours to keep. The fee for the download is there in order to offset the cost of producing the content and maintaining the studio and classroom. If you're in the Seattle area, you can also purchase tickets to attend the classes in person. 

Keep an eye on the calendar at creativeLIVE.com. There are already tons of exciting classes in the line-up. And definitely don't miss Vincent Laforet's Introduction to HDDSLR Cinema, which simultaneously kicks off this Friday April 30th at 1PM in New York, 10AM Pacific on the West Coast of the USA, and at 3AM on Saturday May 1st in Sydney Australia (drink lots of coffee, mates). A drop down menu at the top of the calendar page allows you to set your time zone so you can figure out what time you need to watch the live stream. I'll see you guys in class! 



B&H has been our supplier for decades and Creative techs/live have been a great asset over the past couple years. Thanks 

I've attended several of creativeLive's courses and was really impressed by the quality. Thanks so much for supporting them.

 Thank you B&H for supporting CreativeLIVE! My husband and I watched it all the way through the 3 days from Scotland, UK, and have just finished the last part of the re-watch as we couldn't make the final late night!! A great event, and we hope there are many more to come! Thank you!

Your partnership with CreativeLIVE is a landmark, not only in videography but also global communicatin at the highest level. Thank you so much for supporting this brilliant event.

Thanks for supporting Creative Live!

As a designer, this is one of the websites that I depend on and visit daily.

I most apprecite your backing of Creative Techs.  These folks are terrific.  I would never have learned what I have in Photoshop without them.  I have had so many "a-ha" moments during that class!  LOL

Thank you,


OMFG!!!!!! This is an incredible format to share knockledge. I've attended the three days and also purchased it for later review!

Thank you soooooo much BHPhoto! I loved you before and I'll love you more now!

Special thank you for your support!

Mike from Montreal!

 Thank you for your support of Creative Live.

Thank you, B&H, for helping to support creativeLIVE.   I've been enjoying all three days of the Vincent LaForet event (and have enjoyed various other creativetechs/creativelive events), and support from a company like you (whose services I've also enjoyed at various times) is much appreciated.

Thanks for supporting CreativeLive (Vince Laforet three day video course). You continue to be my favourite online photography shop :)

 Thank you for supporting Creative Live. I have attended many of their wonderful webinars -- including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver -- during the last year. So glad a friend of mine turned me on to their offerings. And by the way, I am a B+H customer.

thanks B+H for supporting Creative Live, it's a great idea and will no doubt inspire and educate many.

Due in no small part to B&H supporting Creative Live, I have decided to make my upcoming lens purchase from them.

Thanks B&H for helping to make Creative Live possible.

Thank you for supporting Creative Live. I found them about two months ago and as a beginner in photography and the digital darkroom I find their information invaluable. These classes are the best and they leave me money to spend with  you guys on photog gear....need more stuff---lol

Thank you for the suport on the behind the scenes.. on CreativeLive .. this perfect online source of knowledge .

I´m in progress day after day, thanks all of you.


 I shop online at B&H a lot, but when I learned that Adorama was sponsoring Mark Wallace's great instructional videos, I was inclined to show them my support by shopping there instead.  But now that B&H is sponsoring CreativeLIVE - I guess it's balanced once again, and I'll continue with what I know.  Thanks B&H!    

 CreativeLive is deserving of all the support it receives, and paired with a company like B&H, the rewards for all of us will be limitless!  CreativeLive has been invaluable in the level of education they provide. Thanks so much!!!

 CreativeLIVE is an excellent resource. Thanks for supporting them.

 Thanks for supporting CreativeLIVE!

Thanks guys for supporting creativeLIVE.com they are doing a great jobs with the courses and they made it worldwide! just amazing. I'm from Chile and I enjoy it a lot.


 I've been a huge supporter of CreativeLive (Craig rocks) from their first session! Great guys over there!

 It has been an inspiration to have found the "Creativelive" team The trainers and staff are first rate. Glad to know that B&H are part of the new wave as well.

Thank You

 Thanks for supporting such great programming. I am having so much fun and learning a lot of neat things. Thanks again.WhiteNightgown

Thanks B&H for your support to creative live, this is a fantastic way to learn different  aspects of photography.

Thank you very much indeed.


Thanks to B&H for supporting CreativeLive.com.  I have attended their webinar classes since last summer and have purchased several of the courses.  It is a wonderful thing they are doing.  Again.  Thank you. 

Thank you for supporting creativeLIVE.  I've been watching the John Greengo and Art Wolfe courses and I am learning *a lot*, even though I would consider myself to be a fairly knowledgable photographer.

Wow! B+H, this is a great boost for us who follow CreativeLIVE courses. B+H is the best in the business, and i am happy to know you are behind the knowledge-thirsty imaging community. thanks!

now is the chance for the  whole photography comunity to get their game up, create, think bigger and better.

thanks Chaze and the creativeLIVE team. you've steped up to the challenge, now is our turn!

can't wait for the zack arias class!!!

ok. thanks for your support

Thanks so much for supporting this great resource! You guys rock!

ok. thank you for your support

A Wonderful Training Company supported by the Best Equipment Company, B&H! Love you both!

 nice work. thanks.

Thank you from Spain for supporting Creative Live. Joining together, you give us a great opportunity to become better and better everyday with our photography.

Hey BH.. thanks for all you do for the photo community and thanks especially for supporting the CreativeLive group. Chase rocks! (but not down hill)

B&H has a history of supporting cool programs like this (and those of the National Press Photographers Association.)

That's a big reason why I keep dialing them up when I need gear. 

So, after I watch Iggy's show on HD SLR, I'll likely use B&H for my 5D order.

Thanks for your great support. Creative Live is awesome!! and you too!! 

Thank you for supporting the Creative Live classes.  Creative Techs are visionaries for delivering this kind of content via this medium.

Thanks for your support of creativeLIVE! It's a great way to learn new things. You will be remembered when I need new equipment. 

Thank you so much for supporting Creative Live! You are helping Everybody!

Thank you so much for your support for CreativeLIVE, such a huge unique opportunity for some amazing talent to help the community and share their years of experience.  WIth your support it can only be better.

 Thank you for supporting creativeLIVE!

thanks for supporting creativelive! I just love it and have learned SO much from the classes I have had a chance to attend virtually. 

Thanks for supprting Creative Live. Your support is enormous.  I have attended their webinars and they are great presenters. Go raibh maith agat. (Thank You) Paddy in Ireland.

creativeLIVE is a great resource. I'm a B&H customer and happy to see you guys supporting creativeLIVE.  Lots of great information being shared out there.

Billy Sheahan


Thanks for supporting creativeLIVE.

I have learned so much from the folks there even in programs I use every day, like photoshop.

The dreamweaver course made my life so much easier! The creative tehs crew is the best!

 Guys, you are the best! Thank you B&H

A huge thank you to B&H for supporting CreativeLIVE.com so that they can continue to offer amazing online learning experiences.

Thank you

S Kiem (Australia)

Mazel Tov.  I have been purchasing camera equip. and Macintosh stuff from you folks for some time.  I have also followed the folks at Creativetechs ne: CreativeLive for well over a year.

Together you are quite a team.  Thanks for supporting them. 

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