Unveiled: Microsoft Surface Laptop


Microsoft unveiled the Surface Laptop, a 13.5" 2256 x 1504 touch-enabled system running Windows 10 S, which is streamlined for security and performance, and only works with apps from the Windows Store. It’s available in four colors: Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Gold, with a base configuration of 4GB of RAM, a 7th-generation Intel® Core i5 processor, integrated Intel HD graphics, and a 128GB solid-state drive. For power users, the Surface Laptop can be configured for better performance with 16GB of RAM, a Core i7 Kaby Lake processor, and a 512GB SSD.

Unlike Microsoft’s previous Surface systems, this is a traditional laptop without a removable keyboard. Instead, its keyboard is covered with Alcantara fabric that provides you with a comfortable typing experience, and is also easy to clean. Other integrated features include a webcam, speakers, microphones, USB 3.0, mini DisplayPort, headset jack, and a SurfaceConnect port. It’s rated to last up to 14.5 hours of video playback on a Core i5 system, and weighs only 2.76 pounds, so you can have a lightweight and portable system that can keep up with you all day. The Surface Laptop will be available starting June 15. Check back for more details.

Windows 10 S can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for Surface Laptop users before the end of the year. After that, there will be a charge for the upgrade.

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A google chromebook counterfeit with MS logo and MS's ridiculous pricing.  Why would I want to spend a thousand dollars to be imprisoned to the MS store.  I can get a real laptop for that.  One that is more powerful and leaves me to what is left of the free internet.

Contrary to all the Microsoft haters comenting here, the Surface Laptop is a great laptop.  First it comes with Windows 10 S.  What is Windows 10 S?  It is a lightweight software where you cannot install any malaware, virus by mistake.  You can only install from the Windows Approve Store just like Apple software from the Apple Store only or Android software from the Google store.  No more dealing with unscrupulos vendors, virus or malware.  But if you have older software that you want to install on your own, you can upgrade for FREE for the first year to Windows 10 Home or Pro.  After the first year it will be $49.

Notice the spec, it have an Intel 5, 4GB of memory and 128GB of storage. A 1256 X 1504 screen resolution, more than your HD TV.  USB 3.0 and 2.76lbs.  How many laptops are that light?  How many computers are that secure?  Check the quality of the build and know that you are cover by Microsoft.  For every taste there is a Microsoft computer.  From the Surface Studio Desktop, the Surface Book, The Surface Pro 4 and now the Surface Laptop there is one that cover your needs and price.

The only competition will be Apple in quality and security, but you pay a premium price as you do with Surface.  Linux?  For the past 20 years they keep saying this is the year of Linux and for the past 20 years only hold 1% of computer market.  Not that great and lately there have been found more bugs and malware.  Not so secure as people make you think.  Android is know for the bugs, virus, malware outside the Google stores and then some even inside the Google stores.  Have you watch the news lately?  Oh, yeah people call it fake news now.

The truth is this is a great product.  It might have a premium price, but is a premium laptop.  Don't let ignorant haters distract you.  Check it out and decide for yourself.  Don't let other decide for you.


I've been a computer dealer, I've been a senior network engineer. 30+ years. So I have a basis from which to speak.

This new Laptop, aimed at the education market, and as a Chromebook competitor, is WAY over price for those markets. The Chromebook competitors are $300 computers -- schools don't buy $1000 notebooks. For non-education users, who do the currently-free upgrade to Win 10 Pro (because most Store apps are trivial), will discover that 4GB/128SSD is quite constraining. The i7/16GB/512SSD configuration, which is $2199, is $1200 MORE than a sub-3lb Asus Ultrabook with i7/16GB/512HD. That makes this machine a "sucker" purchase, quite similar to the likewise-overpriced Apple offerings. It does not require $1200 to make a laptop "premium".

"lightweight software where you cannot install any malaware, virus by mistake" says it all.  This is only for lightweights, people who don't do anything, basically young children grade school and under.  Qny one who might install malware by mistake should not be spending a thousand dollars on this piece of junk, get a good smart phone and be done with it.  I don't know why you want to suck up to MS BUT c'mon, get real, MS has produced nothing but crap and monopolisitc schemes to force us to upgrade and waste more money on banal operating systems.  The industry was effed at the get go when Intel and other hardware manufacturers skated on providing operation systems for their chips.  The best thing that could happen today is MS going bankrupt.  They're obviously working hard at that with this fubar POS following their auto update to 10 scheme.  Like everything else MS, just wish they could get it done. 

Again, another massive screw up by the over bloated and mindless greed creeps that are Microsoft. Personally I wouldn't

mind a machine like the Surface, but my first requirement is to replace the OS with Linux,

then load my own apps, most of which are open source and free. Seeminly Microsoft is again limiting the

freedoom and choice of users Being and agent and subsiduary of the NSA I'm not suprised.

Quoting a previous post. they are STUPID STUPID STUPID.

This is like a Windows RT reboot....Someone is going to pay $999 for a computer that you can't download executable programs?  Why does Microsoft keep shooting themselves in the foot?  I have a Windows phone that I love, but the apps keep dropping out of the line-up.  Amazon, eBay, Paypal, Walgeens, etc.  


I would NEVER EVER buy a laptop that was locked to only apps from the windows store.  STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

That's really what the S stands for.

Seems like very pricey version of a Chromebook. Could appeal at 1/2 the price

I'll wait for the models equipping AMD's Ryzen CPU before considering a purchase.  

I bought my wife a Surface pro 4 about a year ago. It's been an amazing product, and works perfectly. She loves it! Very portable (she uses it for business), and highly functional for it's diminutive size. Great machine! 

I'll take a iPad Pro with an Apple pencil please...

So what?

They already tried it with Windows RT and failed. Why do it again?

Microsoft is a perfect example of how the larger a company gets, the more stupid they get. Instead of taking care of the important things like power management and backup (both of which suck on Windows 10), they piddle around with their silly marketing crap.

Of course this product will fail. Look at Windows Phone. If they did not have a monopoly on the OS, they would have been gone long ago.

well said- It's there untrustworthy back-up that's stops me from ever buying a win machine. Backing up with a Mac is beautiful & simple

I also find the win backup a farce, in fact I use Norton Ghost 15 (10 - 20 years old) and even considered fastback or powerbackup (unfortunately win 710 and then 7 took them out)

However to give MS credit there IMAGE backup of the system partition has worked for me over %70 of the time AND please note this computer is sold ONLY with APPS from the WINDOWS STORE - however if you upgrade for FREE to win 10 pro by the end of the year you MIGHT get full access to executables AND 4rd party apps.

The Goal of computers now is not just to be another NSA portal to your life, but to also lock you into there company genre soas to make the MONOPOLYS look like DEMOCRACIES.  Ex: Coke and Pepsi, TRUMP and DEMOCRATS, They SAY they will help the people and are different but they eventually sleep in the same bed, and do exactly what okay soc*&#*@^ (is a bad word so) facist Elitist do, they RUN YOU LIFE, APPLE runs your life and Microsoft want to do the same, and it WILL happen sooner rathe rthan later.


As far as I know, everybody can upgrade Win 10 S up to regular Win PRO just for $50. Or even free during first week.

There is NOT A CHANCE IN HELL that I will buy a laptop that limits software to the Microsoft Store. And I am a Windows guy and an Intel guy. I love Windows 10. I love MS Office. But I also like freedom and choice and competition. So there is NOT A CHANCE IN HELL that I will buy a laptop where apps can only be purchased through Microsoft. I hope this product FAILS!

Couldn't agree more!

sounds like apple...

not to get anyone whipped up, but since when do I have to purhcase my macOS software solely through the Apple's App Store? 

Actually you don't.  MacOS comes with the machine.  As do the updates.

Windows store only, 4gb and an I5 for $1000   who are they trying to fool. No one that has any computer smarts would go to this.

What are you all WHINING about?  With Windows 10, you can buy your software from ANYWHERE you'd like.  You can also download it from any site you'd like.  I have Windows 10, and I've installed apps/programs from every source imaginable (business & personal use), same as before.  If you've ever used Windows, its 100% the same experience, except much much more reliable than the past.  I cannot possibly recommend a Mac over todays Windows machines.

This product comes with Windows S -- which is for Schools -- because its for Schools.  If people want it for maximum use, then just upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.  You don't have whine like Apple babies.  This laptop is WAY BETTER than the old, old, old by Macbook Air.

The applephiles are always out there.  I don't even know why they bothered to read the article, except to troll.

Agree 100%

Really Microsoft a laptop with a limited OS that only your special apps run on......Hmmmmm sure you haven't been secretly purchased by Apple?

What happened to the idea of an open source OS?

According to Engadget for a $49 upcharge [to Windows 10 Pro] you can run any apps.

 I wouldn't buy another microsoft surface if my life depended on it..IMHO..they're junk with very little support from the manufacturer

My surface has worked flawlessly.

Yep. Never had a problem.