HTC Introduces the VIVE XR Elite VR Headset


Experience virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) with the HTC VIVE XR Elite Headset. Compact and lightweight (weighing just 625 grams), the VIVE XR Elite can be used as a stand-alone headset. With four FOV tracking cameras and 6DoF spatial accuracy, the VIVE XR Elite can track the included controllers―and even your hands―with precision. The VIVE XR Elite also has a full-color RGB pass-through camera, as well as a depth sensor, offering vivid extended reality with user-environment interplay. As a stand-alone headset, battery life is always a main concern. HTC says the back-mounted battery can allow for up to two hours of run time and is hot-swappable.

HTC VIVE XR Elite Headset
HTC VIVE XR Elite Headset

Want to dive deeper into the virtual reality world? The VIVE XR Elite can easily connect to a PC via USB-C, so you can access all your PCVR content from VIVEPORT and Steam. Don’t like the idea of being tethered to a computer? The VIVE XR Elite also supports wireless PC streaming over Wi-Fi 6E with low latency and high-res graphics.

The VIVE XR Elite’s 3840 x 1920 screen resolution measures almost 2K pixels per eye. It also has a wide 110° field of view and a 90 Hz refresh rate for smooth VR gaming. It has adjustable IPD dials. Eyeglass wearers usually have to deal with spacers or resort to wearing contacts, but HTC has them covered. The VIVE XR Elite has diopter dials, which allow you to adjust for a clear, focused image without needing to wear your glasses. With Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, 12GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and integrated speakers and microphones, the VIVE XR Elite can deliver the performance needed to provide an immersive VR or MR experience.

This versatile headset, in a sleek modular design, can transform into a glasses form factor, making it even more lightweight than it already is. Simply remove the battery and fit the VIVE XR Elite temple pads. The redesigned hinge means the extended arms of VIVE XR Elite cup your head just like the front and back of a traditional all-in-one headset. In “glasses mode,” the VIVE XR Elite can be plugged into a power outlet or battery bank via the USB-C connecting cable on the right-hand side.

HTC says preorders for the VIVE XR Elite headset begin on January 5, 2023.

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