CES 2019: Seagate Makes Storage Fun for Everyone


Storage concerns are a part of everything tech. This was clear at Seagate's booth at CES 2019, where the company showed off real-world examples of where its storage solutions are put to work. Obvious areas of concern come from gaming, creative professionals, and general computing, which were all addressed by Seagate's latest announcements from this show.

Sporting the premium LaCie label are Seagate's stylish portable drives. These are the LaCie Mobile Drive and LaCie Mobile SSD. Need high capacity? Go for the conventional drive with sizes up to 5TB. Speed a priority? That's where the SSD rules with the ability to reach 540 MB/s and capacities of up to 2TB. All of the drives are bus powered and have USB Type-C interfaces for portability and convenience. A benefit of these models is an outstanding aesthetic that matches that of Apple MacBook products that are a great match. Make use of these drives for video editing, on-the-go photo editing, and plenty more.

Everyday users will be looking toward the newest Backup Plus series. Headlining this is the Backup Plus Ultra Touch with its beautiful fabric exterior that feels at home on a desk or on the road. Befitting the name, automatic backup features with multi-device folder sync and hardware encryption are standard on these models. Other members of this line are the Backup Plus Slim and Backup Plus Portable. These are similar in every way except for size. They each have aluminum finishes available in Black, Silver, and Light Blue, though the slimmer Slim can be found in 1TB and 2TB varieties and the Portable goes up to 4TB and 5TB.

Attracting gamers to the Seagate family is the FireCuda 510, an M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD. These ultra-small form factors make them brilliant additions to laptops, desktops, and the ever-growing mini PC arena. Performance is a more important concern, however, and the FireCuda 510 will easily provide the throughput needed for the latest 4K video processes and streams. For users simply looking for a speedy M.2 drive, there is also the much-loved BarraCuda 510 SSD.

We hit mobile professionals, everyday consumers, and now gamers, so what's next? The venerable NAS. More and more Networked Attached Storage solutions are being using and require drives that will hold up to their demands. Seagate's IronWolf has always been up to the task and now the IronWolf 110 SATA SSD will do the job as the first purpose-built NAS SSD. Designed to handle 24/7 operation with enterprise-level reliability ensures your storage will not let you down when you most need it. Available in sizes ranging from 240GB to 3.84TB, the IronWolf 110 can be used in both all-flash arrays or as a speed boost for tiered systems.

Looking beyond the consumer-level equipment we are familiar with, Seagate was more than happy to share where its data expertise can be used in the real world. Among the most interesting and hands-on demos involved live mapping with a sandbox and Kinect measuring hills and valleys as a topographical map was overlaid in real time. A massive server rover(?) was also on hand to show methods to move data efficiently for high-capacity applications. Basically, in some instances, there is too much data for even the upcoming 5G networks. We, of course, had the most fun at the gaming stages, where the Game Drive SSD for Xbox (based on the LaCie Portable Type-C External SSD) was lending an assist as I slid my way through a snowy course in Forza Horizon 4. Next door to that was Beat Saber running on PlayStation VR through a PlayStation 4, no doubt equipped with a Seagate HDD inside.

Beyond this were stations showing off the latest ultra-high-capacity drives optimized for enterprise applications. Some of the largest tech companies looking to hold, secure, and process massive quantities of data are trusting Seagate to provide the core part of their systems. A high-speed camera setup was also utilized and processed the data rapidly immediately after capture. And, Seagate had plenty of partners on display, including some Synology arrays, that show off how its hard drives are trusted by many.

Seagate's booth was fun and informative, even though storage can be a tough subject to get excited about. The reality is that storage is a core component of so many technological advancements and is only expected to become more important as big data pushes its way forward.

Are any of Seagate's latest releases going to make their way onto your desk or into your bag? What would you want to use it for in your setup? Sound off in the Comments section, below, and be sure to stop by B&H Explora for even more from CES 2019.