Pro Audio

Two turntables and a microphone? You'll find all that—and way more—at B&H: Our extensive selection of DJ equipment, sound systems and pro audio gear might surprise you. And we also stock enough home audio equipment to outfit any sound system, from uncomplicated to elaborate. So whether you're an easy listener or a confirmed audiophile—whether you’re searching for anything from small speakers and amplifiers to computer audio or location sound, we have your gear!

If you're looking to put a band together, B&H’s music equipment selection spans everything from mixers and microphones to mandolins, adapters and ukuleles. If a stereo system complete with big speakers is on your wish list, our product specialists can steer you to the best audio options for your needs and budget.

In the business, and looking to demo an entire pro sound system? Make an appointment with our Studio team to test-drive the latest tech and setups—no strings attached. From DJs and broadcast professionals to everyday audio enthusiasts, B&H aims to be everyone's favorite audio store!